About Us

MGLM Architects is a bespoke, full-service design and research firm specializing in highly detailed projects of every scale and building type. We have a diverse pedigree working in both traditional and contemporary contexts, and we bring years of research on the impacts of the built environment to bear on each of our designs. We have collaborated with and were mentored by some of the most highly regarded traditional and Classical minds in the architectural profession. Currently, every member of our design team was educated at the University of Notre Dame, the foremost institution training architects in the practice of Traditional and Classical architecture. 

We brings to each project a wealth and depth of knowledge of built form which we fuse to the specific needs and desires of the client. We prioritize personal relationships with our clients and take pride in being involved from a project’s start to finish, and on the macro and micro scales – offering services in everything from large scale urban design and planning to the small scale details necessary to achieve true beauty. We believe architecture should be a collaborative endeavor and in that respect, believe it is important to work closely with the client, job contractors, artisans, and consultants to ensure the precise execution of each project. 

Furthermore, we have extensively researched, and presented on, the effects of architecture on humanity, and we apply that unique neuroscientific knowledge to each project, creating not only beautiful but forward-thinking and healthy designs.

We are also firmly committed to producing architecture that is environmentally responsible and that respects Nature, not only in material selection and building maintenance, but in life-cycle cost and energy consumption. We are LEED certified, but we also know there are many routes to energy efficiency and sustainability. 

It is our intention to improve the built environment for everyone. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful and meaningful architecture, thoughtful urbanism, and the details necessary to make each project elegant and unique.

We are invested in making each project a success; our priority is a client who is pleased with both our professional service and the final product. We believe every project is enhanced by great teamwork and we look forward to sharing our process and collaborating with you.


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